Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ethics of AVG anti virus

Now, I want to talk about “ethical issues” topic that is including in syllabus IL (Information of Literacy). Firstly, let me introduce what is actually ethics. For your information, ethics is refers to the principles of right and wrong that individuals use to make choices to guide their behaviors.

The diversity and ever-expanding use of IT applications have created a variety of ethical issues. These issues divided into four general categories that are privacy issues, accuracy issues, property issues and accessibility issues.

However, I just want to tell about privacy issues in the AVG Anti Virus. In AVG Anti Virus, this privacy policy applies to all personally identifiable information about the registered users (end user data), and related to the use of the AVG Technologies websites. AVG Technologies fully complies with the Act and expends the maximum effort to protect such personal information.

AVG Technologies as a security software producer have provided this Privacy Policy to inform the user how user personal information will be collected, tracked, stored, used, and protected, and to give they choices as to what personal information they wish to share with AVG Technologies.

The IP address from which user access the internet, the date and time, the internet address of the website from which user link directly to their website, the name of the file or the words user search, and the browser that user use to access their website will be collected and stored automatically. This information is used to measure the number of visitors of website and to identify system performance. This information is not correlated with any personal information and will not disclose in a form that personally identifies the user.

AVG Technologies have taken security measures, to protect user personal information. These measures include technical and procedural steps to protect user personal information from misuse, unauthorized access, loss, alteration, or destruction. All user information is stored on the secure servers. For instance, Credit card information is transmitted using secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

Industry-standard encryption is used to enhance the security of data transmissions and have implemented commercially available technologies to guard against unauthorized access to any personal information that is stored electronically by AVG Technologies. The personal information about user is restrict to those AVG Technologies employees who need to know the information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

The user used password to access to the AVG website and it is responsible for keeping the password confidential. They will ask the user not to share the password to anyone and always log out before leaving a service to protect access of user information. . Once they have received user information, they will use strict procedures and security features to ensure the security on their systems and to try to prevent unauthorized access.

AVG Security Suite 8

The free AVG Antivirus from AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft) is popular worldwide. The company's AVG Security Suite 8 combines this antivirus with firewall and spam protection, antispyware, exploit protection, and put them in an integrated package to make it attracted. . However, it doesn't include the parental-control or privacy protection features in many suites, because not every user needs those.

This version looks completely different, and most of the problems that reported are gone. The main window now emphasizes three essential areas: status (with an overview display), on-demand scanning, and program updates. The default overview pane shows the disposition of a dozen program elements. If there's a problem, just double-click the element's icon to fix it.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

My dream Gadget

Talk about gadget?? I believe that every person have dreams to own something that they like. Just look at me, I want to have my own digital camera one day. I like digital camera since I was in secondary school. I like it because I am a person who likes to take picture as much as I can and without care whose picture I want to capture. Mostly, the images captured are among my family and my friends.

There is one experience which is made me realize that digital camera is one thing that I need to have it as soon as possible. Last week, I went to Konsert Simfoni Kesyukuran at UIA Gombak to watch shows performed by nasyid group such as Hijjaz, Rabbani, Raihan and so on. The thing is I did not capture any picture to save as my memory. I just back to Matriculation with feel unsatisfied. I just copy the picture from my friends through pen drive and received the picture via bluetooth. I feel so funny when I think about that. By that incident, I aimed to have the digital camera as soon as possible but when I have enough money.

I want to buy the digital camera model canon IXUS 970 IS. Why I prefer to choose this gadget?. It is because this digital camera have many good features such as this gadget has Image Stable(IS) that can reduce shaking and produce god quality of image. It also has DIGIC III Engine Processing that will reduce the noisy sound from surrounding. Moreover, this gadget has resolution 10 Megapiksel and new optical of lenses 5 x zoom. It is also provided Pure Colour LCD 2.5 inch with Viewfinder Optical(OVF), 18 mode record, high ISO and also has movie record support.

My point of view about Information Literacy (IL)

The Information of Literacy or known as IL is a subject that offered in ICT program as core-course which is all of ICT students should take it as one of their subjects. I’m ICT student and it is compulsory for me to learn it. Initially, I’m blurring and have no knowledge about this subject. I’m always think that IL is a difficult subject and I don’t know either I can learn it well or not. Fortunately, in my schedule I need to take this subject when I’m in the third semester that is my final semester.

Day by day, and now I’m in the final semester. Again, I still worried and afraid to learn this subject. When the first class starts, I try to listen well on what my lecturer going to say. According to my lecturer, she said that IL subject is almost same like Computer 1 subjects. “Hmmm, quite boring..!” that is the first sentence that playing in my mind.. am I naughty right?? But, that is only word and means nothing. The fact is, I like this subject. Because of this subject, I have already gotten much knowledge. Now, I know about the network application on computer, the details about information system, e-commerce and other else that I never know. Hopefully, I can do well in my examination and hope that I can succeed in my job because I want to be a good lecturer like my other lectures.

I believe that with my future job that is ICT Lecturer, I can give much and new information about IL to the new generation. I want to explain to them that IL is not a difficult subject to learn but it is important subject because we can gain benefit from that. For example, we can relate it to the surrounding and may also apply it in our daily life.